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Real World Imaging and our network of affiliated Virtual Tour Photographers provide a full bureau service supplying high quality digital photography and Virtual Tour images, Virtual Tour TV-Studio scripts, IBM Hot Media Integrated Rich Media solutions and any other digital photographic needs you may have. Individual affiliates have an extensive range of additional skills and services.

  •  Multi-media Virtual Tour

    • For use on the Internet, CD-ROM and other storage media.
    • Output: Low & Medium resolution JAVA Virtual Tour, Hi resolution & unscaled Virtual Tour, initial view & hemisphere thumbnail (.jpg)

Initial Virtual Tour: including travel to 50km, photographer on-site 30 minutes, Photoshop and Virtual Tour wizard production, default Virtual Tour tripod cap, delivered by e-mail or CD-ROM   inc. GST  


Additional Virtual Tour: (at the same location) including Photoshop and Virtual Tour wizard production, default Virtual Tour tripod cap, delivered by e-mail or CD-ROM    inc. GST


See Extra's at the bottom of the page for breakdown's

Bookings & Further information Click Here

  • Real Estate Virtual Tour

    • For use on the internet only.

    • Available to Real Estate Agents and Property Developers only

    • Output: Low OR Medium resolution REVT Virtual Tour, e~mailable JAVA  Virtual Tour & Initial View Thumbnail (.jpg)

Minimum 3 Virtual Tour REVT: including travel up to 25km, photographer on-site 20 minutes, and Virtual Tour REVT wizard production, up to 3 REVT Virtual Tour, default REVT tripod cap with agents logo, delivered by e-mail  (inc. GST)


Additional REVT Virtual Tour: (each) inc. GST


Bookings & Further information Click Here



  • Travel @ $0.50/km

  • Photographer @ $85/hr or $750/day

  • Graphic Design/Photoshop @$80/hr

  • Custom tripod cap production: approx. $40-$120 depending  on source of logo's, etc.

  • Proof Virtual Tour Production @ $30 each

  • Virtual Tour Linker for Hi Resolution Virtual Tour @ $18/ hotspot

  • IBM-Hotmediatm  

    • linking to Virtual Tour @15/ hotspot

    • Object Models (interactive spinning products) from $40

    • Interactive online store directories please contact to us to discuss your requirements.

  • Virtual Tour TV-Studio scripting @ $99 plus $50/30 second run time  plus sound file royalties and voice over costs.

Please Note: All Pricing is in Australian Dollars

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